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Friday, 26th June, 2015: Last Day Party! Girls can wear their own clothes and can bring a toy to play with (no iPads/tablets etc.)



Active Week 2015 (25th-29th May)

Friday, 29th May, 2015.

                                                        Sports Day 2015!

Today was a brilliant end to Active Week! We had our Sports Day in Dr. Croke's pitch. Even though the rain appeared for a bit in the morning, the day cleared and it was a great, dry day!

2nd and 3rd Class were joined together for the day with lots of fun activities!

We had dodgeball...


the guided obstacle course... 

the parachute...

and soccer! 

Everyone got a medal at the end of the day!

It was a brilliant day and everyone had lots of fun!


Thursday, 28th May, 2015.

Today was the last day of Active Week in the school.

Second Class had yoga first thing in the morning. The teacher, Aileen, did loads of fun warms up in a circle, getting everyone to stretch their muscles and warm up their bodies.

Aileen showed us the tree stand, warrior stand, superhero position and different movements with partners.

Aileen showed the girls how to practice their handstands against the pillar.

It was a fun and exciting activity which everyone loved! 


Tomorrow we will be in Croke's Pitch for the school sport's day. Starting at 9.30am!

See you all then!

Wednesday, 27th May, 2015.

Second Class had an extremely active day today! In the morning, we joined the rest of the school for the May Procession, where we walked around the convent grounds, praying and singing songs to remember Holy Mary.

After small break, we walked down to the Sem Hall where we got the chance to play hurling! Shane, the trainer, played loads of fun games! Everyone got to use hurleys and practice carrying a bean bag and a soft ball on the hurley, without dropping it!

We played lots of relay races with teams! Sometimes we had to tap the bean bag/ball up and down and other times we just had to run! Shane taught us how to hand pass and pass using the hurley! Everyone enjoyed this activity!


After hurling, Denise met us and we went on our FUN WALK! Everyone in Second Class raised money for the FUN WALK! Unfortunately, we didn't pick a great day because as soon as we reached the demesne, it started to rain!

However, not even the rain could dampen our spirits! We found shelter under a large tree and had our lunch in the outdoors! Even though we got a bit wet, we had a great time!

Everyone decided that it was no longer a FUN WALK but a FUN RUN!!!

Not even the rain could stop the smiles!!!smiley


Tuesday, 26th May, 2015.

Today, Second Class had soccer down in the Sem Hall. Three men from the FAI were helping us practice our soccer skills! We were divided into four groups. We had to run to the cones, touch it and run back to our group to let the next person go. Then, Second Class had to run with the ball in their hands and get back to their team as quick as they could! Finally, we had to run with the ball, stop it with our foot before the cones, collect a cone and run back to the group. The groups with the most cones were the winners! It was very exciting towards the end!

Walk a mile with a smile! smiley

After big lunch, we joined Mr McCarthy and Mr. Russell's First Classes with Mr. O' Riordain to go walk a mile with a smile! The aim was to walk and smile at the same time! 

The sun was shining so we walked a little longer than a mile but it was great fun!

Looking forward to the rest of Active Week!


Monday, 25th May, 2015.

Today, Second Class had basketball to begin Active Week. Cass and Kate were teaching us how to warm up, showed us how to dribble the ball, played knock out games with us and aiming the ball into the basket! It was great fun!

We also participated in 'Wake up and shake up!'. We heard the school bell ring three times so we hopped up and started dancing to the 'Cha Cha Slide' and the 'Macarena'.


Before school was over, we did Zumba on 'GoNoodle'.

We are really looking forward to the rest of the week!


First Holy Communion

Saturday, 9th May, 2015

10.30am in St. Mary's Cathedral!

The countdown is on and we are super excited!



Thursday, 30th April, 2015

Our Feathered Friends!

Today, Second Class went on a nature walk looking for some feathered friends we had learned about!

We were looking out for cuckoos, crows, magpies, robins, blue tit, thrush and any other interesting birds we could spot!

We can tell birds are different by their different features; different feet, bills and songs!

We had loads of fun seaching for different birds in the sky!

World Book Day 2015

World Book Day 2015 in 2nd Class! from Holy Cross Mercy School on Vimeo.


Wednesday, 17th December, 2014

For the past two months, 2nd class have been studying films and comparing legend texts. The film we studied was called 'The Dragon Slayer' and the two texts we compared were 'Saint George and the Dragon' and 'The Beast with a Thousand Teeth.'

For the past week, we have been planning and writing our own legends! 

"A legend is a traditional story, with a hero or heroine, who must go on a dangerous quest or journey, to overcome a problem (the beast/dragon." - Eabha Stack.

"A legend has to be in 5 parts." - Nessa Galvin.

"The first part of a legend is called the opening." - Helen McCarthy O'Regan

"The second part of a legend is called the problem. This is when we describe the dragon/beast and the hero/heroine." Natalia Igielska

"The third part of a legend is called the build up. This is when the hero/heroine goes on his/her dangerous journey or the quest." Kinga Macherzeynka

"The fourth part of a legend is the resolution. The battle happens in the resoultion." - Caoimhe Kane.

"The fifth part of a legend is the ending, where they live happily ever after!" - Clodagh Slattery.

Here is a list of 2nd Class Legends:

'The Town and the Evil Dragon' By Ciara O' Sullivan.                                                                      

'Sam and the Dragon' By Natalia Maj                                                                                                    

'A Viking with a stick' By Caoimhe Kane                                                                                              

'Prince George saves the day!' by Beatrice Corridan                                                                    

'The Dragon and the Knight' by Cassie Davies                                                                                  

'The Knight and the Dragon' by Nessa Galvin                                                                                    

'Bob and the dragon' by Eabha Stack                                                                                                  

'The Magic Sword' By Elizabeth O'Shea                                                                                              

'Marley and the Scary Dragon' By Natalia Igielska                                                                              

'Ger and the Dragon' By Clodagh Slattery                                                                                            

'John and the Dragon' by Helen McCarthy O'Regan                                                                          

'Dragon fight!' By Kinga Macherzeynska                                                                                              

'The Beast and the Beautiful village.' By Emma O'Sullivan                                                              

'The Knight that saves the day!' By Aisling Murphy



Here is an example of one of legends, written by Ciara O'Sullivan:

The Town and the Evil Dragon.

Long ago in a faraway country there was a beautiful village surrounded by green fields and gorgeous rainbow coloured flowers. The sun was always shining. But there was still something wrong with the town. For up on a hill there lived a dragon.

At first, the dragon had not been a problem. But he grew bigger and bigger. Then the problem stared. The dragon began to demand people’s riches and if one person said no he would destroy the town. But people grew hungrier and hungrier. After a while people had no choice but to get all the finest knights in the kingdom. However, none of them were good enough. Then a boy called Tom came to town. When he heard the news, Tom was determined to save the town. Even though warned him that the dragon lived on the horrid hills, he still wanted to go. And with that, he rode off on his horse.

On Tom’s quest, he saw many strange things. Flowers that looked and smelled like candy canes. Then he recognised this from his map. This was the strange land. But luckily, he would soon be passing it and riding into the dragon’s home. And without another word he rode into the dragon’s cave.

The horrid hills were quite a scary place but he went up on it anyway. As soon as his horse took the first step, the dragon roared ferociously. He really wanted to turn back but it would seem like he was a coward. So with that, he tied up his horse and charged into the dragon’s cave. The dragon fought really well. Tom stared fighting with all his might. In the middle of it, he nearly fainted. After that, Tom asked himself, “Is this dragon trying to get the best of me?” And with that, he charged at the dragon. The dragon was so startled he died at that moment.

When people heard the news, they warmly welcomed Tom back to the village. Then, the King announced would have the choice of marrying any maiden in the Kingdom. Tom quickly chose the maiden he wanted. They were married the next day. Mia and Tom lived happily after.

The End



Tuesday 2nd December 2014

'Frozen' Inspired Art!

2nd class (and Miss Murphy) LOVE Frozen! Check out our 'Frozen' inspired Art we did today.

We used winter colours (purple, blue, dark blue, silver and light green). Using a thin paintbrush, we used swiping movements to create a swirling effect on our page.

We LOVE how they turned out! 

"Let it go! Let it go!" 



Helping your child with maths in SECOND CLASS:


If you click on the link above, you will find a tip sheet containing information about what your daughter has learned, is learning and will learn in maths in Second Class.
There are three sections in this tip sheet.
1: What your child is learning in school tells you about the maths your child will learn in second class based on the Mathematics Curriculum for primary schools.
2: How your child learns at home gives you tips to help your child with maths. There are also shortvideo clips in the parents’ section of the NCCA website at www.ncca.ie/primaryparents
3: Talking about maths problems. This section looks at how youcan help your child with maths problems which use words as well as numbers. 


Friday 26th October 2014

Halloween Performance 

2nd Class performed 'Something Spooky' all dressed up at Halloween in their scary costumes.

Don't they look 'spooky'!

'Something Spooky' performed by 2nd Class (Halloween 2014) from Holy Cross Mercy School on Vimeo.


Thursday 18th September 2014

2nd Class performing their Kerry song!

The girls in Second Class worked together and came up with their own song to support the Kerry Teams before the All Ireland Final this Sunday.

Using the song 'You don't know your beautiful' by One Direction, the girls changed the lyrics in support of both teams.

'You'll bring Sam Maguire home!!!!'




2nd Class Christmas Play (December 2013)

Whoops a Daisy Angel

Whoops A Daisy Angel from Holy Cross Mercy School on Vimeo.


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